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Permethrin 5.0% & Cetrimide 0.1% Lotion

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Permethrin 5.0% & Cetrimide 0.1% Lotion


Plomite Lotion

Permethrin and Cetrimide Lotion:

This medication comes under the category of pyrethroids, serving as an antiparasitic medicine to address infections comming from eggs, lice, and mites. Its primary application lies in the treatment of pediculosis and scabies.

People who are affected by pediculosis and scabies commonly show symptoms such as rashes and persistent itching in the affected areas. This medication plays a crucial role in alleviating these conditions, providing relief from the discomfort associated with these parasitic infections.

Uses of Permethrin and Cetrimide Lotion

  1. Function: The main use of this medication is to treat infections brought on by lice, mites, and their eggs.
  2. Conditions Addressed: It is specifically effective in managing conditions such as pediculosis (a lice infestation, particularly on the scalp) and scabies (a contagious skin infection caused by mites).
  3. Pediatric Focus: Widely used in children above the age of five, where pediculosis is more prevalent.
  4. Mode of Transmission: This is especially crucial in cases of head-to-head contact, as pediculosis spreads through direct contact.
  5. Contagious Nature: In the case of scabies, the lotion helps combat a contagious skin infection transmitted through physical contact between individuals.
  6. Symptoms Alleviated: Patients with these conditions typically experience rashes and persistent itching, particularly worsening at night.
  7. Relief from Discomfort: The lotion is instrumental in providing relief from the discomfort associated with these parasitic infections.
  8. Ease of Application: The lotion is designed for convenient application, making it user-friendly for individuals and caregivers alike.

Directions for Using This Medication

  • Formulation Types: Available in various forms, such as cream, ointment, lotion, and liquid.
  • External Use Only: Strictly designed for external application to the skin.
  • Application Instructions: Apply a small amount on fingertips and spread as a thin layer on the clean, dry affected area.
  • Avoiding Sensitive Areas: Ensure no contact with the nose or eyes; if accidental contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Hand hygiene: wash hands before and after application, particularly if not applying to the affected area, to prevent infection spread.
  • Soap/Shampoo Substitute: Can be used as a substitute for regular soap or shampoo during bathing, following healthcare professional guidance.


Try to store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


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